Welcome to Avah. We are all about bringing more to women. The word Avah itself means Desire. Women desire more in life. They surround themselves with things they desire and continually seek more of it. What do women desire?  It differs obviously per person, but ultimately women desire to be surrounded by beauty (whatever that looks like for the individual). More. They desire more. More than what they currently have and they always desire more expression!

 Fashion is one-way women express beauty. Keeping up with on-trend fashion and bringing fun, new and classic pieces to you in an easy and exclusive online experience, we strive to develop a relationship with our customers and provide the more.  Avah is a way you can have more. Avah is More. More Fashion. More Beauty. More Desire. More Expression. More Fun. More Glamour. More Exclusivity. More Experience. More You. Ultimately, our brand is about going beyond what you have and elevating who you are .. It is about desiring more: Beyond Your Now ..